CrashPlan Continuously Synching File and Block Information

From time to time, CrashPlan Pro will perform archive maintenance on your archive in the cloud. Unfortunately, there's no way to know this is occuring except contacting support. 

If your CrashPlan deployment is resynching your files and blocks over and over again, or is having connection difficulties your archive may be undergoing maintenance. During this maintenance is it best to disconnect your client, waiting 2-3 days and then logging back in. Example: A 3TB archive at CrashPlan took approximately 3-4 days for the maintenance to complete, once disconnected. Note that once you login again after waiting, your client will synchronize files and blocks one last time.

CrashPlan support can assist you with finding out the status of your maintenance via chat or email support, however email support is slow at times.

To disconnect your CrashPlan client:

  • All versions: Enter the keyboard shortcut for your operating system:
    • Windows: Ctrl+Shift+C
    • Mac: Option+Command+C
    • Linux: Ctrl+Shift+C

In the command field at top, type: