Fix Light/Washed Out Printing on a Canon MF740 Series Laser Printer (Canon Color ImageClass MF743Cdw)

We encountered a brand new Canon MF743Cdw producing light or “washed out” color and B&W prints. 

This procedure below should correct this printing issue.

  1. Clean Fixing Assembly -
    Go to the Home Screen  >  Menu  >  Adjustment/Maintenance    Maintenance  >  Clean Fixing Assembly  >  Select ‘OK’  >  Then, Select ’Start’ in the lower righthand corner of the Printer Display.

  2. Correct Print Color Mismatch -
    Next, go to the Home Screen  >  Menu  >  Adjust Image Quality  >  Correct Print Color Mismatch  >  Select ’Start’ in the lower righthand corner of the Printer’s Display.

  3. Auto Adjust Gradation - Full Adjust - (This is a more robust sequence than the initial Startup Color Adjustment when the printer was first turned ON.)
    Go to the Home Screen  >  Menu  > Adjust Image Quality  > Auto Adjust Gradation  >  Full Adjust  > Select ‘OK’ which will perform the following steps:
    1. Print Image 1 for adjustment.
    2. Scan the printed Image 1 for adjustment.
    3. Print Image 2 for adjustment.
    4. Scan the printed Image 2 for adjust.
      Select ’Start’ in the lower righthand corner of the Printer’s Display, and follow the on screen instructions.

Source: Canon Community